TrustCloud VideoID

Real-time video identification services

TrustCloud VideoID is a user identification service through which we can validate the identity of customers in real time.

With TrustCloud VideoID your customers will be identified through video assistance technology with video agents that will interact live personally via browser or mobile, enhancing the user experience with a totally new service that will be appreciated by your customers.

A digital experience which can be deployed in a few hours through which we can capture images and video while helping users with text annotations, chat, control of remote camera capabilities and assisted navigation to the client, which make them feel that the digital identification experience is totally humanized being accompanied throughout the process.

TrustCloud VideoID Assisted

It significantly increases transaction security and decreases fraud, as this identification methodology prevents identity theft.

TrustCloud VideoID Unassisted

TrustCloud VideoID also has an unassisted mode by which the user, without the help of a video agent, will capture images of their identity documents, take a picture of their face and even perform a test of life so that our platform records the entire process in real time and proceed to the identification and authentication of the customer.

Finally, Branddocs VideoID in any of its modalities will be able to integrate directly with all your existing applications, informing the rest of your workflows in real time of the status of the transaction.

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Users Feedback

"How innovative! With these tools it's a pleasure to work with the banks." Beatrice - Madrid "I loved the speed of the whole process. For the first time, I felt I wasn't wasting my time with my management." Dieter - Berlin "It's a totally new technology. That's probably how the banks in the future will be. I'm glad I can enjoy it now." Sara - Madrid "Surprised. It has exceeded my expectations: comfortable, practical and simple. Ten out of ten." Aiko - Amsterdam "All my doubts have been resolved and I have been able to do my business without difficulty. Thank you."
Pedro - Lisbon
"This is great! My idea of banks has changed. ” Hannes - Brunswick "Because of my personal circumstances, I always had to ask for help from a relative to make any arrangements with my bank. Being able to contact a manager from my home computer has made my life easier". Andrés - Seville "I just tried out this new tool and kudos to you. Despite my clumsiness with computers, I have felt comfortable. I'm sure I'll be using it very often." Adriano - Porto "How modern this is! But modern in a good way. Thank you for my manager's help and thank you to my bank for thinking of people like me." Gerrit - Rotterdam "To me, who hates paperwork and queues, this system is phenomenal. Finally a bank that solves real things and not useless nonsense." Carla - Barcelona "Great invention. I was reticent about these new applications and novelties, but this really improves my day-to-day." Hanna - Dresden "It's very nice and comfortable. Being able to talk to my bank from home saves me time, which is more valuable to me now." Pedro - Madrid "I don't know what banks are doing that don't incorporate this into their services. It's so cool and saves so much trouble. Keep up with the times." Femke - Zoetermeer "From now on I can't live without this service. I don't want to go back to phone calls, robots or uncomfortable chairs in crowded banks. Not even a step back." Inés - Marbella