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Branddocs Patient Identification and Verification

An integrated solution for verifying the identity of healthcare users

Branddocs allows patients to be thoroughly identified and verified before accessing medical records or setting online appointments.

The healthcare sector benefits from the advantages offered by the Branddocs platform by managing the gateway to the various digital services offered by their healthcare provider, whether public or private.

That user data is treated with complete privacy

The different layers of authentication implemented by VideoID, both in its automated and agent-assisted modes, ensure that user data is treated with complete privacy.

Simple solution for new and existing patients

Branddocs offers a simple solution for new and existing patients. The patient’s biometric data is extracted and cross-referenced with the documentation provided thanks to FaceID. Once registered, users access the health service’s own platform with their unique credentials where they can, among other options:

Manage upcoming appointments.

Consult their medical history.

Download prescriptions.

Attend online consultations.

Facilitate dealings with hospitals and clinics

Patient verification through Branddocs provides an extra layer of security with its qualified transactions. The agility of the system, the support of specialized agents (in assisted mode) and its full integration facilitate dealings with hospitals and clinics.