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Branddocs Documents Onboarding

Extraction and analysis of documents to trace the client’s identity

Attention and in accordance with the regulations

The procedures involved in providing documents to complete the registration in an association have been greatly simplified in the current digital scenarios. Customers take advantage of the possibility to do it from home and from any device. To complete onboarding successfully, the correct treatment of personal documentation is essential and must be thorough: it must be carried out with the utmost attention and in accordance with the regulations.

Documentation handled in digital onboarding operations

The documentation handled in digital onboarding operations, may include:

Identity documents with basic information such as the ID card or passport.

Invoices or bank statements that provide information about the address.

Payrolls or tax returns that justify income and compliance with tax obligations.

Contracts or property deeds.

Manages the different types of documentation in real time

The Branddocs platform manages the different types of documentation in real time and within a shielded environment, with the highest level of security.

It uses its own technology and takes data extraction to the next level.  Branddocs AICR is capable of analyzing all sorts of documents, both structured and unstructured.  The solution automatically extracts the information, validates it, and compares it with its databases. It then assesses whether any elements are missing (e.g. a signature), whether necessary documentation has been omitted or whether there is any doubt about the authenticity of the documentation.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Branddocs AICR converts the extracted information into attributes with which to verify users’ identity credentials.  From here and by applying the appropriate business rules, we obtain a very specific documentation profile that will define whether the customer has provided sufficient documentation to access a certain product or service from our company.