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Branddocs Client Onboarding B2C

The qualified service to remotely bring new clients and open new accounts in less than 10 minutes

Financial institutions have up to 15 minutes to onboard customers. A goal that only a few of them achieve.

Market data indicate that banks, credit card issuers and other financial institutions are losing more than half of their potential customers (55%) if applications are delayed.

As financial services become increasingly digital, businesses struggle to keep up with consumer expectations over the digital services. The most common points of frustration when performing onboarding is the amount of personal information required (31%) and the time it takes to complete the process (28%).

The results of market analysis clearly point to a loss of new customers if the onboarding processes are lengthy and tedious. The main conclusions are that:

quit after 5 minutes.

quit after 10 minutes.

quit after 20 minutes.

quit after 30 minutes.

quit after 60 minutes.

Since about one in three (29%) applications take more than 20 minutes to complete, many companies are not meeting this challenge and, as a result, are losing customers.

To stay competitive in the new digital economy and meet this challenge of less than 15 minutes, financial institutions have at their disposal the Branddocs’ qualified identification and video-identification services as the only solutions needed to deploy fast and secure onboarding processes.

Its nature as integral solutions or end-to-end to perform all the digital transactions involved in the onboarding processes, Branddocs reduces to less than 10 minutes the time of this critical process.

User verification 1 USER VERIFICATION User verification, through the widest range of electronic ID verifications available on the market (KYC, AML, Anti-Fraud...). Video identification 2 VIDEO IDENTIFICATION Video Assisted and unassisted identification for immediate or deferred registration of private and business users. Document validation 3 DOCUMENT VALIDATION AND BIOIDENTIFICATION Verification of the validity of the identification document presented by the user with forensic analysis and verification of proof of identity through biometric Artificial Intelligence. Electronic payments 4 ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS WITH IDENTIFICATION Acceptance and online payment of all or part of the economic transaction corresponding to the agreement signed with prior identification of the user. Electronic signature 5 ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE Visualization and simple, advanced or qualified electronic signature of the documents by the user with double authentication factor if necessary. Qualified custody 6 ELECTRONIC QUALIFIED CUSTODY, NOTARIAL DEPOSIT AND IN THE BLOCKCHAIN The digital assets generated (signed documents, audios, videos and others) will be sealed and escorted by Branddocs as a Qualified Third Party and Trusted Service Provider.
Certificates of Evidence will be notarized electronically and deposited in the Blockchain.
Our Qualified Preservation and Anti-Repudiation Evidence solution ensures that all digital transactions are completely secure and legal.