TrustCloud VideoID Unassisted

Self-service video identification for the most digitized users

TrustCloud’s unassisted video identification automatically enables the authentication process, without the need for a video agent to supervise or manage it, and without losing the quality levels that assisted video identification also offers. In this way, the user accesses and completes the video call whenever they want, without prior citations and with full autonomy.

Step by step, through text and intuitive graphic indications, the automated process tells the user how to complete the sequence of actions (show the face for biometric analysis, show the MRZ of the official identity document, …), as well as the final result of verification and all those incidents that occur during it (lack of light for biometric analysis, lack of proper placement of the identity document in front of the camera, etc.).

Despite not having the presence of an expert video agent, ll unassisted sessions are also guaranteed by a subsequent back-office audit, which guarantees the validity and quality of the video identification carried out, as well as the legal value of the recorded evidence (in the event that local regulations require it).

TrustCloud VideoID’s unassisted modality further accelerates video identification processes thanks to its operational autonomy, and allows offering a self-service service to the end user, available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. In this sense, it is especially effective for the most digitized people and for the less complex verifications. In cases where the supervision of a video agent becomes necessary, such as in a risk session or due to usability problems on the part of the user, TrustCloud VideoID integrates one of Branddocs’ professional video agents on-the-fly to assist the call and resolve all incidents.

Unassisted Video Identification  Process

The customer uses the TrustCloud service to call the video identification process​

TrustCloud activates all processes of the service and sends back a link to start the video call​

The customer opens the link and the recording starts​

The system asks the customer to take a photo of the front and back of their identity document, a photo of their face (selfie) and to carry out a proof of life

After video identification, all relevant events and services are activated​

Evidence is obtained by means of the API of the video platform and notifications are sent to the customer​

This evidence is stored securely (using physical and cryptographic measures) in the TrustCloud Vault file, which is made available to the customer via the TrustCloud Platform, and notifications are sent to the customer​

Benefits of VideoID Unassisted

Unassisted TrustCloud VideoID offers end users an autonomous, agile, simple, and highly available video identification, accessible from any device with an integrated camera and Internet connection. At the same time, unassisted video identification provides greater performance and competitiveness to the company, since it automates a next-generation authentication process without losing the security, precision, and trust standards that they demand.

These are other advantages offered by the unassisted TrustCloud VideoID:

  • Works autonomously 24/7/365
  • Helps companies save a great deal of time and resources by automating processes
  • Allows companies to design the security “layers” that each session will have, generating from simple identification processes to strong authentication sessions (SAS)
  • Accelerates the identification and verification processes by operating without a video agent and dispensing with appointments made between the parties
  • When the situation requires it, unassisted video calls can be transformed on-the-fly into sessions assisted by an expert video agent.
  • Improves the user experience among the most digitized people and offers them an uninterrupted service on any of their preferred devices.