TrustCloud Identity Governance

Digital Certificate and Power of Attorney Management

In this digital age, an employee’s digital certificate has become an essential tool, but at the same time very dangerous. The workforce is equipped with digital certificates to develop its work, access public web pages, even sign contracts. However, the danger lies in its flexibility and ease of use.

Because of these numerous security and compliance risks from unauthorized access of sensitive information to the signature of unjustified agreements,

Branddocs has developed TrustCloud Identity Governance.
TrustCloud Identity Governance is configured to allow strict control of the life cycle of digital certificates and notarial authority, preserving the evidence generated during the processes carried out by them.

TrustCloud Identity Governance allows among other functions:

  • Create, monitor, and eliminate notarial authority and digital certificates interlinked to each other for company representatives.
  • Manage the use of certificates in relation to the associated notarial authority.
  • Preserve Qualified anti-repudiation evidence. The use of the TrustCloud qualified conservation trust service gives the records kept by Branddocs the maximum legal guarantee offered by the eIDAS for Evidence.

TrustCloud Identity Governance is a LegalTech and RegTech based technology, which allows legal departments of large corporations to take control of the processes related to use of digital certificates in their company, and assure they are being used in accordance with the notarial authority it was granted. Therefore providing the company with the upmost legal certainty in aspect of compliance and regulatory control.

Digital Trust

The TrustCloud custody module is a powerful tool that allows you to provide Fe Digital (Digital Trust) of the evidence related any electronic transactions carried out by a specific person, organization or digital certificate.

TrustCloud Vault collects this evidence through its 3i technology, guaranteeing the identity, integrity and intent of the intervening party while carrying out a transaction, giving Fe Digital (Digital Trust) of what is happening while remaining Trusted Third-Party.

Our advanced technology allows us to guarantee the authenticity of a Digital Asset, blocking it from possible future tampering, guaranteeing the integrity of Digital Asset.

TrustCloud Vault thus allows you to provide Qualified Conservation of your digital assets, which need to comply with a specific regulation, guaranteeing their legal compliance and security with Branddocs as a Trusted Third Party or Qualified Trust Service Provider.


What is governance orchestration?

Orchestration is an indirect mode of governance that relies on inducements and incentives rather than mandatory controls.

What is sustainability orchestration?

Orchestration: an instrument for implementing the Sustainable Development Goals. This is especially true for goals such as a stable climate, sustainable consumption and production patterns, global health and security that can only be achieved through coordinated cross-border or global action.

What is Digital Certificate?

The workforce is equipped with digital certificates to develop its work, access public web pages, even sign contracts. A digital certificate is a file or electronic password that proves the authenticity of a device, server, or user through the use of cryptography and the public key infrastructure (PKI). Digital certificate authentication helps organizations ensure that only trusted devices and users can connect to their networks.