TrustCloud Platform

The Single Choreographer that Orchestrates all Secure Transactions.

TrustCloud Platform orchestrates, connects, integrates and synchronizes different digital services to design the transactional strategy that the company needs, increasing its digital capabilities and unifying its digital transformation processes. However, TrustCloud not only allows the preservation of the company’s digital assets in a qualified way as qualified supplier, but it is also responsible for orchestrating and collecting electronic evidence of all the data and metadata generated during the processes.

TrustCloud is the only single platform worldwide that allows companies to optimize their transactional strategy in digital environments and externalize the regulatory compliance of all processes. Furthermore, Branddocs provides customers with the absolute assurance of security and legal compliance possible in the market through our state of the art SaaS technology.


Maximun operative integrity

Maximum operative integrity

maximun cybersecurity framework

Maximum cybersecurity framework

Coverage of any regulations

Coverage of any regulations
(Government, KYX, AML,
security and data)

plug and play

Plug and Play configuration

maximun ROI

Maximum ROI

Qualified custody

Qualified custody of evidence that reverses the burden of proof

A single integration

A single integration + a single SLA

Improved Usability

Improved usability + unified branding



use cases and configuable

Use cases and configurable strategies

Strategic approach

Strategic approach

Embeddable with any third party

Embeddable with any third-party solution or technology

The Orchestrator of all Orchestrators

Efficiently choreographing all orchestrators and their services.
TrustCloud orchestrates and shields digital transactions carried out between companies and users from end-to-end, which guarantees maximum agility and control in the execution of digital processes.

This unique platform provides all types of orchestration services:


KYX Orchestration.
It enables the verification of clients (KYC) and businesses (KYB) in seconds, mitigating fraud, risk and financial crime.

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Identification Orchestration.
Verification of the identity of the user.

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Authentication Orchestration.
Reliable and real-time authentication of user identity.

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Video Identification Orchestration.
Records the true identity of the customer with simultaneous “layers” of authentication in a single, frictionless process.

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Governance Orchestration.
Allows strict control of the life cycle of corporate digital certificates and notarial authority when requested, preserving the evidence generated.

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eSignature Orchestration.
Adapts the signature typology depending on each transaction: simple, advanced, qualified and biometric.

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ePayments Orchestration.
Carries out the identification and control of the payment during a transactions and retrieves evidence of all processes.

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Custody Orchestration.
Shields and guarantees the identity, integrity and intent of digital assets while recording all the necessary evidence to shift the burden of proof.

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Capable to Integrate any
Third-Party Solution

Integration capability with any third-party solution.
A lot of companies already have third-party suppliers, and it might be a problem to integrate a new one. However, with TrustCloud there is no need to change them as it can seamlessly integrate any third-party solution and efficiently orchestrate them, along with any other services already within the ecosystem. Making the customer’s life easier and more secure.

TrustCloud Choreographer places all digital solutions within a single Platform that guarantees maximum cybersecurity and regulatory compliance, ensuring that any third-party digital solution incorporated within the platform operates with the highest level of technical and legal security, according to TrustCloud’ standards.

Secure Custody of all Choreographed Evidence

TrustCloud orchestration services meet and exceed global compliance standards.
TrustCloud’s top priority is transaction security. We comply with every regulation involved in the processes and the compliance requirements established. Moreover, we surpass national and international security standards at all times, which make TrustCloud the industry leader in defining and delivering the most secure digital transaction choreograph platform on the market.

As a trusted custodian, TrustCloud choreographed services provide the highest level of security and legal compliance in a single platform. This allows for the qualified preservation of digital assets, ensuring the identity, integrity and intent of all participants anywhere in the world.

If you are looking for a secure bank of digital assets that also orchestrates all the digital transactions that it creates, we are a great ally for your digital transformation processes: Request a demo of TrustCloud and let us show you all its capabilities. REQUEST