TrustCloud Platform

Orchestration and Custody of Secure Digital Transactions

Branddocs is the only Qualified Comprehensive Provider of Trusted Services worldwide with a single platform specifically designed for the identification, signature, custody, notarization, blockchain deposit, and payments of our clients’ digital assets: TrustCloud.

As a qualified supplier we provide our customers with the absolute assurance of security and legal compliance possible in the market through our SaaS technology.

TrustCloud orchestrates and shields digital transactions carried out between companies and/or end users from the end to the end, which guarantees maximum agility and control in the execution of digital processes.

A single platform for orchestration and custody of all evidence generated by digital transactions, which allows the qualified preservation of digital assets, ensuring their identity, integrity and the intent of all participants anywhere in the world.

EN Benefits of TrustCloud As a provider specialized in secure digital transactions, we provide your company with added value and some great benefits in your digital transformation processes: ARMORED
Worldwide LEGAL
and integration
Providing the highest ROI

If you are looking for a secure bank of digital assets that also orchestrates all the digital transactions that it creates, we are a great ally for your digital transformation processes: Request a demo of TrustCloud and let us show you all its capabilities. REQUEST