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Clients who trust Branddocs

Joel Llaquet Ereza Legal & Compliance Lawyer “At Autopistas we always demand the highest security for our technological solutions. The Trustcloud platform has brought us control and security to our most critical digital transactions" José Luís Subirón Operations Director "TrustCloud has allowed us to streamline the entire hiring process and financing at the point of sale, improving our productivity, eliminating paper and streamlining processes with security" Cristina Ontoso Director of Sales & Marketing, Communication, and Customer Service "In Vía Célere we have been committed to innovation since the beginnings, and are continuously looking for ways to optimize our processes. This is why we have chose Branddocs technology to transform our way of signing both internally and with our customers and suppliers. Through this we have streamlined our processes, reducing all waiting and management times and providing a great experience to our customers. With an absolute Security guarantee" Eugenio Casalengua RH Director "Every year we have a large volume of contracts and the need to expedite the signing of these contracts aswell as other documents is a top priority. With TrustCloud we have achieved that all our processes are carried out in the quickest and most agile way, being it is an immediate system. All this without having to travel to our staff, and with the maximum security. In addition, all the participants are delighted with the platform for its simplicity and speed"