RegTech & CyberSec

Regulatory Technology (RegTech) is the group of agile, easily configurable, easy to integrate, trust-based, secure and cost-effective technology solutions that enable compliance with the regulatory requirements of the different sectors in which the companies that implement them operate.

Thus, companies that adopt RegTech solutions focus on reducing risks, increasing security and shielding their data. Thanks to all kinds of technological solutions such as cloud computing, macrodata or blockchain we can provide the most accurate solutions that allow us to adapt in a solid way to the regulation established in each sector.

TrustCloud is a categorized platform within RegTech solutions with the highest levels of regulatory compliance, legal security and cyber security.

A solution with a wide legal coverage that allows companies to reach the highest level of legal security while facilitating the protection of all the transactions it handles, collecting electronic evidence in a large bank of digital assets.