Service & Support Level Commitment (“SLA”)

1. Description of Services Covered

This Service and Support Level Commitment (“SLA”) covers the following service levels in relation to the Subscription Service: availability, problem response support, problem resolution support, and system performance. All capitalized terms used but not defined in this SLA shall have the respective meanings given to them in the associated Branddocs Corporate Subscriber Terms and Conditions or Master Services Agreement.

2. Definitions

“Excusable Downtime” means monthly scheduled maintenance that allows Branddocs to perform mainte-nance or repairs, or to add or enhance features of the Subscription Service. Unless otherwise notified to Sub-scriber, the Excusable Downtime will occur during the time periods described at Gen-erally, maintenance is performed the first Friday of each month between the hours of 9pm PST and 11pm EST.

“Platform” refers to the Information Systems of Branddocs which provides the required services to the cli-ent.

“Function/Functionality” means a material feature or functionality described in the Subscription Service Specifications.

“Scheduled Uptime” means the hours for which the Subscription Service is designed to be available for ac-cess by Subscriber (excluding Excusable Downtime).

“Subscription Service Availability” means the percentage of time that the Subscription Service is in service and fully available for access and data input by Subscriber, and is calculated as follows: for each month, the aggregate amount of actual uptime expressed as a percentage of the Scheduled Uptime (i.e. Subscription Service Availability = Actual Uptime/Scheduled Uptime).

3. Response & Resolution Service Levels

Branddocs shall target the Key Performance Indicators for Scheduled Uptime and Subscription Service Availability described in the table below.

4. Problem Response & Resolution Service Levels

Branddocs will respond to and resolve problems identified by Subscriber as set forth below. These Service Levels are not applicable to known bugs or non-reproducible errors.