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Branddocs VideoID

The most agile and qualified video call identification on the market

VideoID is Branddocs’ qualified video identification technology. Through a safe and guarded system of intelligent video calls, both automated or assisted, companies can verify the identity of their clients with all the guarantees, remotely and in real time.

Branddocs VideoID video calls record the true identity of the customer with simultaneous “layers” of authentication in a single, frictionless process, thanks to the easy and seamless usability with which it is developed for both customer and business. All this makes Branddocs VideoID the most agile video identification service on the market, a leader in Europe, the US and LATAM, with an average duration of 2.5 minutes per session.

How Branddocs VideoID works

As part of a synchronous digital transaction customer journey, or after the customer requests an appointment for the session with the company; the user connects to the video identification process, fully private and encrypted.During the video call, the biometric analysis, the verification of official ID documents and the proof of life demonstrate in real time if the customer is who they say they are, and if the person verified is the same person who appears on the session.

In the background, artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms detect if the client’s video is pre-assembled or a deepfake. Furthermore, the assistance of a professional video agent in the session increases the security of the process and guides the user correctly through the process, resolving all incidences on the spot.

On the other hand, video calls can be recorded and guarded as evidence of anti-repudiation of the process itself, of the data of the verified client (image, facial features, voice, identity documents, behavior, etc.) and of their intentionality. A subsequent back-office audit ensures the validity, quality and legal value of the video call and its evidences (if required by local regulations).

Simultaneously, Branddocs VideoID works in two different and complementary ways.

VideoID Assisted

The assisted modality of Branddocs VideoID includes the supervision and support of an expert video agent in the process, notably increasing the security of the session and improving the accessibility of those users who have more difficulties handling technologies, such as non-digitalized individuals or blind people. VideoID assisted is also a perfect solution to offer a humanized remote electronic identification process.

VideoID Unassisted

The unassisted modality of Branddocs VideoID offers an automatic identity verification process, enabling users to have a self-service session without waiting for the assistance of a video agent.

All Security and Accessibility features in just one videocall

Personal data form

Temporary and private access links

ID document verification by AI

Face match with ID document photo by biometrics

Passive and active liveness check

Authentication OTP by SMS + silent OTP

Live personal data questionnaire (in assisted service)

Automatic detection of deepfake and fake images

Recording of the process

Recording and preservation of all evidence (ID document capture, user selfie, etc.)

Process control and results form

Expert antifraud video agents (in assisted service)

Additional back-office review

Text chat (in assisted service)

Multilingual + sign language in assisted service

Omnichannel, simple, low-bandwidth service

The first step towards a secure digital identity

The high level of security, the agile performance and the excellent usability make Branddocs VideoID the perfect technological ally for companies to know and ensure the identity of the users and clients with whom they interact on the network. This way, Branddocs helps companies gain transparency about their digital customers, prevent identity fraud, and comply with Know Your Costumer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) regulations, protecting and gaining confidence in all digital transactions.

In this sense, Branddocs VideoID is ideal for onboarding processes for new clients or for the remote signing of highly relevant agreements and contracts that require a solid prior identification.

In addition, Branddocs VideoID is a scalable tool with global reach that covers any need or corporate size. Branddocs’ technology can analyze the validity and term of more than 235 official identity documents from around the world, and its biometric analysis accurately records the user’s facial features even when the conditions of the video call are not optimal, and regardless ethnicity. In addition, Branddocs VideoID adapts to the legal circumstances of each territory in which the technology is applied, including the threads or capacities necessary to comply with current regulations.

Plug & Play technology

Branddocs’ video identification technology is ready to “plug in” with any business and customer in a few hours. The integration of video identification technology in the company’s computer systems is immediate, without the need for the entity to invest in time, personnel, or own resources to deploy the service. In addition, the integration is done natively, allowing the company to incorporate technology as one more part of its internal infrastructure, as well as to print its visual identity and brand in the video identification sessions.

On the part of the user, the service does not require the installation of any software, digital certificate, or special device. With the computer, smartphone, or tablet of their choice, as well as with an adequate Internet connection, the user directly accesses the process without waiting or displacement, through a direct link or because the same process is embedded in the transaction that is being undertaken with the company.

Real users feedback

"How innovative! With these tools it's a pleasure to work with the banks." Beatrice - Madrid "I loved the speed of the whole process. For the first time, I felt I wasn't wasting my time with my management." Dieter - Berlin "It's a totally new technology. That's probably how the banks in the future will be. I'm glad I can enjoy it now." Sara - Madrid "Surprised. It has exceeded my expectations: comfortable, practical and simple. Ten out of ten." Aiko - Amsterdam "All my doubts have been resolved and I have been able to do my business without difficulty. Thank you."
Pedro - Lisbon
"This is great! My idea of banks has changed. ” Hannes - Brunswick "Because of my personal circumstances, I always had to ask for help from a relative to make any arrangements with my bank. Being able to contact a manager from my home computer has made my life easier". Andrés - Seville "I just tried out this new tool and kudos to you. Despite my clumsiness with computers, I have felt comfortable. I'm sure I'll be using it very often." Adriano - Porto "How modern this is! But modern in a good way. Thank you for my manager's help and thank you to my bank for thinking of people like me." Gerrit - Rotterdam "To me, who hates paperwork and queues, this system is phenomenal. Finally a bank that solves real things and not useless nonsense." Carla - Barcelona "Great invention. I was reticent about these new applications and novelties, but this really improves my day-to-day." Hanna - Dresden "It's very nice and comfortable. Being able to talk to my bank from home saves me time, which is more valuable to me now." Pedro - Madrid "I don't know what banks are doing that don't incorporate this into their services. It's so cool and saves so much trouble. Keep up with the times." Femke - Zoetermeer "From now on I can't live without this service. I don't want to go back to phone calls, robots or uncomfortable chairs in crowded banks. Not even a step back." Inés - Marbella