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Notarial Deposit

This functionality of Branddocs Vault is based on the possibility enabled by art. 198.2 of the Spanish Notarial Regulation, which allows notaries to record any “related fact” on a computer support without having to transcribe its content on paper.

Then, the operation of the Notarial Deposit service of Branddocs Vault is as follows: periodically, the notaries access the Branddocs cloud-architecture to carry out the protocolization of the elements, incorporating a diligence to the minutes in which are included, individually, all the identifiers of the specific digital assets incorporated to the custody service.

Notaries then upload the protocolization deeds to Branddocs Vault along with their CSV so that the legal teams of the companies can have access to them without having to contact Branddocs.

Once the evidence has been deposited before a notary, the company has irrefutable proof of the integrity of the digital assets, securing the electronic transaction in a secure manner in order to maximize their evidentiary power.