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Branddocs AICR

Digitization and verification of data with artificial intelligence

Branddocs AICR technology is based on the application of powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engines combined with the remarkable advantages of Artificial Intelligence. The concept of Branddocs AICR goes beyond the basic reading of documents, actually understanding content thanks to the analysis of syntactic and semantic patterns and performing complementary actions, such as:

  • Data and keyword extraction.
  • Search in the cloud for related information.
  • Transformation of documents into identity attributes.
  • Data analytics and scoring. AICR provides results based on company patterns.
  • Automation and security. Confidentiality on who can access documentation is maintained permanently.

No matter the format

Branddocs AICR works on three different types of documents:


With a specific and defined structure (passports, official ID documents, driver’s licenses, etc.).


Documents that have some consistent and defined characteristics, where data can vary in position (payroll, invoices, purchase receipts, etc.).


Without a defined arrangement (bank statements, financial statements, applications, powers of attorney, etc.).

Building identity attributes

Payroll or invoice
AICR extracts all the data that tells us about the customer’s identity (e.g. address).

Estimate of annual rent, electricity consumption depending on the size of the house, etc.

Application of business rules: debt ratio, income, etc. -trust score.

Suitable or not suitable
4. Customer credit cards, loans, etc. – Suitable or not suitable.

Use cases

  • Loan management.
  • Credit reports.
  • Procedures for insurance acquisition.
  • Evaluation of applications, contracts, and resumes.
  • Onboarding processes.
  • Tax obligations.
  • Certification and digitization of powers of attorney.




Capable of adapting to a dynamic workload.


Resource optimization

Resource optimization and cost reduction. Avoids having to cross-check the same information at different stages or from different channels, relieving offices and call centers of workload, helping them focus on high-value tasks and thus, increase productivity.



Avoids a customer from having to travel unnecessarily, relying on a 100% digital procedure.


Machine learning

The solution works automatically and predicts user behavior, detecting business opportunities and offering personalized recommendations.


Time saving

Response times are reduced, significantly improving the customer experience.



Qualified custody and highest level of transaction shield.


Regulatory compliance

Branddocs AICR meets the highest regulatory standards.


Online fraud detection

Online fraud detection, OFD



The module is able to operate with the systems of any company.