Home address verification as an identity attribute

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ur home address is one of the most important attributes that guarantees our identity and also enables companies, such as e-commerce businesses, in making their transactions a reality. Generally, everyone has a physical address that is a reference for obtaining service, receiving a notification or an order, etc. “Address verification” is what we know as the process by which we obtain evidence that a person is associated to a specific address.  That is to say, at the time of this transaction and at the address declared, this address actually exists, and the user actually resides in it. However, verifying an address accurately and quickly is no easy task as there is no consistency in the formats, people tend to change their addresses frequently, and traditionally there has been a need for staff to enter data manually; mechanics that affect the onboarding of new customers, making it long and annoying for them, as well as increasing company costs and the transaction security.

Through its AICR module (Artificial Intelligence for Character Recognition), Branddocs offers an address verification solution, significantly reducing friction with customers. With the Branddocs platform, address verification begins when the user is asked to take a picture, from any device, of a valid document, such as an invoice or receipt showing address details. The address verification technology then verifies if it’s authentic and converts it into a customer identity attribute.

Using AICR technology, one of the most efficient, accurate and fastest solutions on the market, Branddocs automates and secures the entire transaction. The address verification service is applicable to a multitude of cases and also, organizations find it a powerful test to detect whether a person exists and is who he/she says they are. The address reveals a great deal of data that goes beyond a street and a number. For example, it helps validate that the customer has maintained an address for a specific period of time, lives in an apartment or a single-family home, or is located in a particular geographic area. Based on these factors, public or private companies can assess if the user is entitled to services within a time or territorial limitations.

Address verification is an efficient alternative that avoids routine friction, even the risk of desertion during the registration process. It also allows cross-referencing of stored information such as date of birth, ensuring that age-restricted products and services reach the appropriate users. Branddocs is thus able to deliver residency verification in seconds swiftly, monitoring each step automatically and complying with all regulations.

These tests are integrated with all other Branddocs services, providing a seamless customer experience, where the user is a witness of the operations in real-time and never loses the feeling of remaining in control of their identity credentials.